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Idea 2

Have the community take responsibility for educational outcomes throughout life by starting a Community Revolution.

Students learn best when supported by their family and their community. The community then gains through their presence, with a halo effect on better health, better socio-economic outcomes and better community spirit. We propose establishing high schools (Year 7 – 12) with their feeder schools as the nucleus of a community. Through a combination of community forums/ Hothouse scenarios and mapping existing and required resources and expertise, the community identifies its needs. A committed group would form a co-operative to investigate, initiate and take responsibility for long-term strategies for life long education/health and social welfare for their community. A roving ‘role model’ program to inspire students would facilitate getting community into schools and schools out into the community. Importantly, all schools, areas and tiers of government will be evaluated and held accountable.


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  • I know parents are part of the community, but I would like to see them named specifically in this description. I think empowering and supporting parents as the first and most important teachers of their children will be one of the keys to the success of this revolution. I would love to be involved.

    SUBMITTED BY: Felicity Hickman, Rosetta 09:36PM 11/06/15
  • As a parent, my experience is largely the opposite to this. However, whilst I welcome a cooperative approach, I do see the challenges. For example, what of areas, such as those of low economy and social issues, where parents, communities are already disconnected and disengaged. How would this work?

    SUBMITTED BY: Ines Carver, Cygnet 08:16AM 17/06/15
    • Adaptation to community circumstance needs to be considered and particularly carefully managed in communities already disengaged. However there is probably sufficient human capital in every community to turn this around. The idea is worthy of further development but needs fluid boundaries as one size does not fit all.

      SUBMITTED BY: Paul Reader, Clarenon Vale 11:47AM 17/06/15
  • This embraces the others so who amongst us will massage it with them, take it forward, & bring establishment to account in order to implement strategies & achieve concrete outcomes. Let’s ensure it fulfills the Tasmania Together goal of “High quality education and training for lifelong learning and a skilled workforce.”

    SUBMITTED BY: Paul Reader, Clarenon Vale 06:22PM 17/06/15
  • Spot on. Education is being hamstrung by a stranglehold on decision making by micro-managing bureaucrats who value compliance above innovation and school improvement. I am very comfortable with decision making being in the hands of parents, teachers, and the local community.

    SUBMITTED BY: Gundars Simsons 08:08AM 22/06/15