The Ideas

Idea 3

Have students shape their learning experience through project-based learning that will improve engagement and increase student retention.

An online app that surveys parents of school-aged children can determine the appropriate skills and areas of project-based learning for each area or community. With that data, needs and opportunities can be aligned with community stakeholders and local businesses. The creation of digital ‘badges’ that collect evidence of learning, results and data, adds a further level of incentivisation for the student and also provides a measure of their activity and success by collating a digital portfolio of the experiences gained through the relevant and empowering projects they undertake.


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  • Very challenging and time consuming to implement I imagine. One thing our school does well is have an annual ‘group’ topic which gives students the opportunity to delve deeply into a topic over the year (or each term?) as a collective and from many different angles, also creating opportunities for individual exploration.

    SUBMITTED BY: Ines Carver, Cygnet 08:21AM 17/06/15
  • Have to agree about resource intensive nature of a survey plus the fact that it would only canvas digitally engaged households. We need a way to make this more inclusive but retain the core value and relevance such project based learning achieves. Community impacting projects like recycling & public health spring to mind.

    SUBMITTED BY: Paul Reader, Clarenon Vale 12:29PM 17/06/15