The Ideas

Idea 5

Make learning more appealing by engaging, activating and celebrating learning in the classroom and in the community.

The first step is to undertake a community research program with students, parents and teachers to ask ‘what do kids want to learn’ and ‘what do teachers want to teach’? Using this information, pilot programs would be created to be run both in and out of school, supported by like-minded community or sporting organisations. Once activated, and with traction generated in these pilot communities, we can change perceptions to the wider community through a structured, targeted media and marketing campaign that promotes the benefits and rewards of learning.


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  • Dis-connection from the National Curriculum will be a necessary pre-requisite – which I as a retired teacher would whole heartedly support.

    SUBMITTED BY: Felicity Hickman, Rosetta 09:43PM 11/06/15
  • Easier said than done! This celebration very much needs to be teacher lead;unfortunately I have seen evidence of teachers who lack the skills/motivation to do this or are dealing with students who are already disengaged and are all too challenged to redirect this. Teachers need the support to do this, smaller classes, etc

    SUBMITTED BY: Ines, Cygnet 08:30AM 17/06/15
  • Needs to be in conjunction with other ideas, especially mentoring. What to learn & what to teach must be considered in relation to goals & aspirations, not in isolation. Combating existing disengagement requires creating social benefit & accepting percentage losses. Integrated curricula from Idea 10 would fit well here.

    SUBMITTED BY: Paul Reader, Clarenon Vale 05:16PM 17/06/15
  • Reawakening the joy of learning, for its own sake, not as a means to an end such as employment! That would take Tasmania down the path towards being a world leader in education – and why not, since we excel in so many other areas?

    SUBMITTED BY: Eleanor Ramsay, Kettering 01:40PM 27/06/15