The Ideas

Idea 9

Reframe the education message for all to develop a culture of learning for life, and life-long learning.

By engaging every aspect of the community we can create a full cultural shift so that there is a positive engagement with learning and a common understanding of the value of learning. By starting conversations with community and advocacy groups, undertaking a phased advertising and marketing program and celebrating and investing in success stories, we can create a culture that asks everyone “what did you learn today?”


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  • There is a corollary to this: “what did you do today that facilitated someone else’s learning?” I do completely embrace this idea and would hope the outcome includes us learning from the kids. For example, imagine a U3A french class co-developing spoken language with year 10-12 students., even kids helping parents to read.

    SUBMITTED BY: Paul Reader, Clarenon Vale 02:23PM 17/06/15